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Challenging Layout: ASR Wire Recovery Upgrade

The Challenge

In the metal recycling industry, the efficiency in recovering metals is critical to success, especially for copper and non-ferrous metals. A particular plant lacked copper wire recovery means from the dirty non-ferrous (DNF) stream. Additional sorting equipment cells were needed such as high resolution metal sensor sorters, air classifiers, advanced screeners, compact conveyors, and high frequency eddy current separators with all being integrated into their existing DNF recovery plant.

The Need

The company needed a layout that would fit in close quarters with their existing recovery plant and mind the boundaries of the shredder infeed piles and property line. The new equipment would not only have to be connected to their current downstream plant and electrical controls, but also replace several upstream screeners and add an air classifier while using existing steelwork and stands. The drawings of the existing equipment were determined to not be accurate which poised a challenge to ensure the line fit. The company also needed the project to be turn-key.

The Solution

As a company who has specialized experience in metals recycling, Converge Engineering was able to design a solution that exactly fit the customer’s needs.

Converge Engineering engineers generated accurate “as built” CAD layouts of current existing equipment with on-site 3D pointcloud scanning. A layout was proposed to best fit all the sorting equipment while not wasting space. The site was also concerned about maintenance access for the new process and overhead cranes with clear span buildings were used. Converge Engineering managed all equipment installation and fabrication of conveyors, platforms, stands, chutes, transition pieces, diverters, and etc. A team of engineers were on site continuously from project start date managing all communications between various contractors such as mechanical contractors, mobile equipment contractors, civil engineers, electrical contractors and stakeholders.

The Benefit

  • The company was able to increase recovery of non-ferrous metals per plan at higher than planned throughput
  • Minimum downtime in the process
  • Control system for whole plant unified
  • Less mobile material handling is required due to optimized conveyance and all waste going to one point
  • New micro copper streams are now produced at ideal quality