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Shredder Rebuilds and Cutter Changes

The Challenge

The lifetime of shredder wear parts depends on multiple factors including how often the machine is used and the type material being shredded. Processing abrasive products will prematurely wear cutters if alloys used are not resilient. Eventually the cutters, spacers, gears, screens, and bearings will need to be replaced and serviced. Worn cutters can lead to increased heat generation, off specification product, and extra stress on the shredder drive system.

The Need

This particular customer has multiple shredding machines in foreign countries processing defective factory electronic scrap. The customer does not have the capability to change the cutters and was worried about hiring local contractors to perform the cutter change due to the possibility of incorrect installation or a security breech. An experienced shredder expert with a security focus was needed.

The Solution

As a company who has specialized experience in shredding, Converge Engineering was able to solve the customer’s needs.

The Converge Engineering team has multiple years of experience with cutter changes and shredder rebuilds and has performed over countless cutter changes worldwide. Converge Engineering was able to replace the cutters with the best alloy and worked with the manufacturer of the shredding machine to ensure the shredder rebuild met manufacturer specification. Several other shredders were subsequently rebuilt for this client and are operating continuously. All work was done with advanced planning and strict confidentiality including non-disclosure agreements and background checks.

The Benefit

The customer found this to be preferable to using local companies because

  • The shredder rebuild met manufacturer specification and warranty requirements
  • The downtime was minimal which allowed the customer to start operations as quickly as possible
  • Selection of the cutter and wear part alloys were optimized for the specific types of materials being shredded
  • A list of recommended critical spare parts to consider purchasing was also given to the client