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Shred & Separation Evaluations

Do you feel like you are missing out on valuable recovery, or your system is not processing as well as it should? Converge Engineering has worked to manage the optimization of a nationwide e-waste recycling company where every opportunity is significate in the success of the business. We understand where systems are typically overlooked and have progressive ideas and a creative team to help you quickly make improvements to boost your P&L.

System audits

Our team of engineers can provide valuable audit feedback to provide you with a visual of areas with missed opportunities. Often times business owners or operators can develop tunnel vision when observing their processes, but allowing a third party to perform a review of your process can initiate new changes that can yield results that were never thought possible. All of our employees have undergone extensive background checks and have adequate security clearances to keep your operation secure. We can also provide non-disclosure agreements prior to consultation.

Hand Assays

Taking the time to evaluate the quality of recovery is a huge step in diagnosing equipment performance. By studying the post process streams we can determine what material is not being process and where. This can give insight on what equipment might better recover your valued commodities. This type of test also delivers a mass balance to help anticipate potential earnings for various materials. Not only does this help forecast the value of inbound material, it can better stabilize your monthly P&L and allow for better operational planning.

Equipment Evaluations

More often than not sorting equipment needs some adjustment to meet the needs of a specific material. As time goes on your streams may change as your inbound materials or clients do. With our experience diagnosing and rebuilding equipment we can help you understand where your under performing machines are and how to fix them. We have experience working on eddy currents, belt magnets, sensor sorting equipment, conveyors, as well as shredders. At Converge Engineering we have performed countless shredder rebuilds and from what we have learned over time is when blades need to be changed and when they do not.

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