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Plant Layout and Design

Are you looking to improve your system layout? Recycling system design can be a tedious process without the right tools and experience. Converge Engineering’s staff have been operators, maintenance supervisors, and plant managers in many large industrial and commercial recycling plants. That means when we help you with facility layout planning it comes from years of experience as an operator. Many of our staff have been trained in Lean and Six Sigma and understand product, employee, and mobile equipment flows through a facility and how best to maximize them. Final plant layout will be designed to fit within your space without compromising productivity. The Converge Engineering team will produce professional, easy to read custom blueprints of your unique facility design. We handle all state and federal permitting requirements.

E-waste Recycling Design

We have designed and built more e-waste recycling systems than anyone in the industry. Our experience spans from simple shredding operations to complex separation solutions. Sorting solutions include magnetic systems, eddy current lines, color, near infrared sensor sorting, and inductive sorting. Our design-build team approach ensures projects are properly specified and built with minimal downtime. Projects are delivered on time and within budget. More importantly, we ensure your recycling equipment is engineered to deliver measurable business results. Your return on investment can be measured by: Improved commodity recovery directly impacting bottom line results, cleaner commodity streams that command a higher sales prices to smelters, increased productivity as lines operate consistently and reliably, day in and day out short payback periods with minimum downtime, and higher throughput and lower maintenance.

Metal Recycling Design

A well-engineered scrap processing line can positively impact productivity, commodity recovery rates and bottom line results. A good recycling system design will incorporate additional separation downstream from your shredders enables you to increase the value recovery from your non-ferrous metal scrap. Aluminum scrap is separated from copper, brass and nickel scrap. These separated commodity streams command higher selling prices to smelters and result in better recycling outcomes. A downstream separation line can offer compelling pay back periods. Ask one of our experts about your specific project for an estimated payback time frame.

Dust Control and Fire Protection

A well designed ventilation system ensures worker safety, environmental compliance and prevents unexpected production shutdowns. Ventilation systems for e-waste recycling systems are designed to eliminate the secondary explosion potential from handling combustible e-waste. All systems designed by Converge Engineering ensure all industrial, hygiene, dust control and fire protection measures are in place. With the latest MEP software, our engineers can design and calculate the most efficient dust collection system to ensure proper volumetric flow and balancing. Understanding the composition of the specific dust helps identify whether an explosion can occur. Converge Engineering can help implement the right equipment to suppress and prevent secondary explosions that can cause the most harm to people and facilities.


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