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Equipment Integration

Do you need help installing the equipment you just purchased? Or do you need guidance selecting the right equipment for your application? Our skillset is precise and detail oriented when it comes to installing and upgrading e-waste recycling equipment or metal scrap equipment in high volume processes. Whether you are doing a new equipment installation or retrofitting equipment into your current process we can help you achieve a smooth integration and optimal performance. With safety our number one goal, we can deliver equipment and systems without the worry.

New Recycling Equipment Integration

Separation technology has significantly improved in both e-waste and metal scrap industries in recent years. By replacing old and outdated equipment you can leverage this improved technology and improve results and minimize future downtime. With our years of experience operating and installing the largest and most efficient e-waste recycling plants we can help you select, install, and integrate your equipment.

Retrofit Recycling Equipment

So you just bought that new piece of e-waste recycling equipment, what now? Converge Engineering can help you get it operating to its best efficiency. Our projects are well managed from concept through delivery and are cost-effective and minimize disruption to production. These projects can be more challenging compared to new installations. Existing site conditions can introduce unique challenges. Our 3D laser scanning technology enables us to develop precision 3-D “as is” drawings and pictures of existing site conditions and identify obstacles and conflicts that need to be managed. Finger pointing, job delays and rework are eliminated. Implementing design improvements can improve yields of separation of existing systems. By observing existing streams, our team can decipher problem areas and employ new equipment or system changes to increase your value recovery streams.

Preventative Maintenance

Protect your investment! Leverage our expertise for preventative maintenance of your existing recycling equipment. A proactive preventative maintenance program for your shredding and sorting systems and supporting conveyor belts can extend their useful life and avoid unexpected shutdowns. Converge Engineering has proven training and safety programs that provide staff with a safe work environment and necessary preparation to ensure all assets are running at peak efficiency to maximize the use of your recycling facility and equipment. Operating heavy machinery and ongoing maintenance for shredding systems and conveyor belts is complicated. Converge Engineering offers well designed systems, complete project management, training and safety protocols to ensure straightforward installations and easy to operate and maintain engineered solutions.



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