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3D Laser Scanning and Point Cloud

3D Laser Scanning

Are your As-Built plans out of date? Today in our industry companies spend thousands of dollars employing an army of people with tape measures to recreate drawings, when only to find that something will always be missed or inaccurate. When installing equipment in an existing facility, a lack of updated as-built drawings can complicate and delay projects. Our laser scanning technology can duplicate existing site conditions and provide a visual point cloud representation of your facility.

By utilizing the state of the art 3D laser scanning technology and point cloud software, our trained technicians can survey and duplicate your facility on a computer system demonstrating your plant or property as it is built. This technology uses a line of site laser which measures millions of points (accurate within 2mm over 330m) within one scan. Depending on the size and complexity of your facility this can take many scans to re-create in the software.

Once these scans are complete they are then processed on our PC to which we then deliver you a point cloud model of your system, as well as a file that can be used with the latest CAD software packages to help you in future projects. This type of process eliminates the use of outdated drawings and installation errors on processes that have been retrofitted without good documentation. From our experience doing installations, conduit runs, air or water plumbing, and other obstacles are often neglected on drawings and cause consequential set-backs when new systems are upgraded with new equipment.

The time it takes to survey a facility and generate a 3D model is a quick turnaround compared to the traditional way of measuring each individual piece of equipment. The short process of this service can quickly return your investment by producing extremely detailed and accurate models and reducing cost associated with equipment interferences and contractor change orders. You can’t afford not to have your facility scanned, let us scan your facility today and bring your system up to date!


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