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3D Laser Scanning

How 3D laser scanning works

By utilizing the state of the art 3D laser scanning technology and point cloud software, our trained technicians can survey and duplicate your facility on a computer system demonstrating your plant or property as it is built. This technology uses a line of site laser, which measures millions of points (accurate within 2mm over 330m) within one scan. Depending on the size and complexity of your facility, this can take many scans to re-create in the software.

Image of building to be scanned.

Scanned point cloud data recreating building.

3D CAD model created from point cloud information.

Services and deliverables

We offer a flexible array of deliverables depending on your budget and need. Whether it be a 3D visual walkthrough, a visual representation with measuring capabilities, or a comprehensive CAD model of the scanned space, we can help provide you with the information that will best suit your need.

  • 3D Visual Representation – With this package we will scan your space and provide a web managed software with an account where you can continuously visit your scan data and share with contractors or clients. This basic package allows smooth walkthroughs with clear imagery to truly show a space and provide the feeling of actually being there!
  • 3D Visual representation with measuring and data capture – Similar to the previous package this upgraded deliverable allows for point information to be taken and measurement tools available within the web based software. This type of offer is perfect for contractors that may want to see an area and take accurate measurements for project planning. Using this information is extremely valuable because measurements provided are more accurate than sending someone with a tape, and can always be revisited for future use.
  • 3D Visual representation with CAD replicated model – Are you in need of a working CAD model of a space or parts? Converge Engineering can scan your facility, equipment, or parts and duplicate them into 3D models for CAD use. Providing this kind of service allows maximum use of scan data and lets contractors or engineers design around existing structures to avoid interference’s or conflicts. This can be particularly useful in keeping project change order costs down during retrofit projects. Trust the software, not the guys with the tape measure!


  • Virtual representation of a space
  • Improved graphical communications
  • As-built records
  • 3D CAD replication of parts or a space
  • Improved marketability

Technical Data

  • Range from 2ft – 1082ft (0.6m – 330m)
  • Accuracy of 2mm (about the thickness of a nickel)
  • Fast scanning and processing with premium detail and color
  • Integrating software to allow for use in CAD programs


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