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RMS – Remote Monitoring System

With our newly released Remote Monitoring System (RMS) you can now see feedback from your shredders and conveyors in the palm of your hand! If you have a shredder or high capital asset that is critical to operations, it may be worth investing in making it operate with intelligence with our proprietary RMS system. Using the latest cloud based AI technology we can help you diagnose issues and provide more accurate and comprehensive maintenance schedules for your equipment. With easy to understand dashboards you can now view a live stream of your equipment’s performance through any desktop or mobile device. Our system also allows for archiving data to let you look back at operation trends to give you the edge on performance.

Here are a few sensors that can be combined to report to your PLC or to the cloud to deliver that critical early warning for trouble:


  • Jams and reversals
  • Amperage overload
  • HPU oil temperatures
  • Oil particle counter (PPM)
  • Machine availability
  • Pressure transducers
  • Flow meters


  • Off track
  • Rip detector (bar or Infrared)
  • Metal detector
  • Pulley rotation
  • Scale
  • Belt speed
  • Bearing temp.
  • Vibration
  • Current draw
  • Oil temp.