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Machine Platforms

Bought new equipment and machinery but need support structures, chutes, and platforms? We can help.


Often, there are maintenance tasks that require a mezzanine, walkway or platform for safe access. We can design a specific solution to precisely fit and even make it portable. A small investment in a platform may reduce the risk for future falls or injury.

Chutes and transitions

In any industrial processing line, having the right transitions and chutes can make or break a process. Jams, spillage, and process interruption can be side effects of missing or poorly designed chutes. The Converge Engineering team can help draft, design and fabricate transitions and chutes to the customer’s exact specification. We take into account the operators point of view and add access points for maintenance and easy to replace wear plates and liners for optimum performance regardless of the material type.


Perhaps a new piece of equipment was not provided with a platform or needs better maintenance access. Our team can design machine platforms in 3D to meet the manufacturers requirements and ensure proper integration into your system. From staircases to handrails, we can customize and develop custom machine platforms to fit right into your plant.

With certified welders and solid mechanical designs, we can produce the ideal structural members and platforms to meet specific technical requirements ensuring accuracy when installing in the field. If integrating equipment into an existing plant, we can also offer our 3D PointCloud scanning services if the fit is complex or tight. We work with local Professional Engineers to ensure proper permitting and design of structural items as required.


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