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Demanufacturing Tools


Every week, more new electronic products, especially mobile ones, are released that contain small embedded batteries that are designed to last the life of the device. However, at the end of life, this battery is often challenging and costly in labor to remove. If a certain device repeatedly shows up in the scrap stream, developing a custom tool or jig can save thousands in cost to speed up the battery removal process. Since the design of these devices change frequently, the scale and investment in the tool needs to be appropriate for the opportunity to save and have a relatively short payback and be simple.


Instead of removing screws, strategic pinching, crushing, cutting, or pulling can be used to open these devices faster. Compressed air or 110V plugged in power options are chosen to make the tool easy to use throughout a facility. Besides being portable, the tools are simple to operate and intuitive.

To find out if your device could benefit from a custom built Deman tool, contact us today and we will be happy to go over your application and possible solutions.