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Fit-A-Pan Conveyor Belly Pan


Whether driven by OSHA, corporate safety initiatives, or enhanced housekeeping reasons, adding belly pans to conveyors is often needed for existing installations. Pans need to be lightweight and easy to manage by maintenance staff and be simple to install for a variety of conveyor brands. Few drawings are often available for these older conveyors and a weld on bracket is required that can cope with small variations in width and construction. The downtime for maintenance staff to clean the belly pans needs to be minimal otherwise the pans may end up in the scrap pile themselves.


Many looking to retrofit pans need a light-weight and durable belly pan such as these hinged aluminum weld on based retrofit pans. Each pan individually hinges and tilts to allow any material build up to fall out during servicing. Traditional steel belly pans are often not a viable solution due to the size and weight. There can be a risk to the conveyors being structurally overloaded if steel pans are used depending on quantity. For some of the larger width conveyors, steel pans are also be prone to sagging over the large span and can require extra steel bracing. Lightweight aluminum and a practical design is the answer.

The Benefit:

  • The design is light, ergonomic, and easily manipulated by one person. Each pan tilts.
  • Pinch points and exposed areas guarded.
  • The downtime to install is low due to pre-notched holes, weld on brackets, and a modular design
  • The cost is comparable to traditional steel pans due to efficient materials usage
  • Housekeeping time spent on spillage can be greatly reduced

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