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Demanufacturing Lines


  • Demanufacturing Lines

At Converge Engineering we know how to develop tools to optimize the talents and efficiencies of your workers. For years we have studied with an industrial engineering approach ways to improve the manual labor required to process e-scrap materials. Because of the inherent boxes, packaging, batteries, and other hazardous materials that typically overwhelm the electronic product streams, the manual labor required increases which minimizes profitability. To combat this Converge Engineering has developed a specific e-waste Demanufacturing conveyor line that capitalizes on the ergonomics of employees while lowering the process standard time it takes for them to perform their duties.

Also known as a Hi-Flo Deman Line, this conveyance system is optimized to match anticipated process throughput with the amount of workstations based on years of metrics we have collected. Lean manufacturing principals are applied to ensure only material that requires work is touched as all other material is only handled by conveyor. This allows a steady stream of unprocessed material to be sent down a conveyor where employees pull product off of the line to work, and place the processed material back on to the same conveyor leaving zero sorting for workers assigned to demanufacturing. This material then proceeds down to a final QC sort area, streamlining the tear down process. Utilizing this method also decreases double handling and overall material handling within a plant by focusing material drop off and pick up points. Not only does this improve safety, it keeps the labor per pound of processed material as low as possible. Understanding these industrial process techniques Converge Engineering can help you improve your metrics drastically.


  • Improved performance metrics
  • Smaller teardown footprint
  • Ergonomic
  • Variable speed controlled
  • Improved Quality Control
  • Versatile tool for sorting batches


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