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Secure Drive Storage – Small

Don’t have a lot of space to store old data sensitive hard drives? Converge Engineering’s Compact Data Defender is a compact, secure, lockable cabinet intended to keep your hard drive information safe until destruction or third party collection. The Compact Data Defender offers a tamper proof solution to protect sensitive information stored on memory devices such as hard drive disks (HDD’s) and solid state drives (SSD’s). With a small build than the Elite Data Defender, the Compact version is lighter and smaller to locate on shelves, on desks, and other convenient locations. With a pull out bin with ergonomic handles, the Compact Data Defender can help you keep your information safe without taking up space!


  • Media – HDD’s and SSD’s
  • Dimensions – 21.5″ x 10″ x 21″
  • Weight – 30 lbs


  • Secure – 3 point locking system
  • Durable – All steel construction
  • Ergonomic – Lightweight bin for easy lifting

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