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Tablet Jig

The Challenge

Used tablets are sent to an ITAD services company to be refurbished and re-sold. There are times where the devices are marked with the previous owner’s logo/brand or blemished. In order for the device to be re-sold, the complete removal of the company logo/brand or scuffed areas is needed. This ITAD company uses abrasive blasting techniques to remove the logos and scratched areas. However, there was little control of the media blasting perimeter and the blasted area was not cosmetically acceptable.

The Need

The company needed a durable custom template jig that allows their employees to remove the logo or blemished area without damaging the non-marked area.

The Solution

As a company who has extensive experience in electronics recycling and ITAD solutions, Converge Engineering, was able to design and build a solution that fit the customer’s needs.

Converge Engineering designed a template that allows the user to place the tablets into the holder and covers the non-marked area with an abrasive resistant polymer to prevent any blasting media to contact or damage the product besides the target area.

The Benefit

The customer found this system to be preferable to prior removal methods.

  • The company was able to increase their processing rate per labor hour
  • The product is user friendly; the operation of the jig is simple and straight-forward
  • The quality of each operation is repeatable
  • It is a safe solution that covers the clean area of the tablet and prevents damage improving overall yield and product quality
  • Drawing Model of Template, Opened