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Portable Speaker Crusher

The Challenge

A large speaker manufacturer was sending large volumes of portable speaker system containing several lithium batteries to a recycler for processing. The recycler needed an efficient way for their team to open the speaker and remove the batteries prior to shredding. These speakers sent to the company to be recycled had to be opened by unscrewing 7-10 small screws that were easy to strip and covered by rubber plugs that required prying off. Often, it was a struggle for each worker to crack open the speaker manually and in a safe manner when the screws became stripped. It was overall a time consuming process and the company was losing money recycling the speakers.

The Need

Many of these speakers were received in bulk so the numbers added up quickly. The recycler needed a way to rapidly open the speakers to remove the batteries for the deal to remain viable. They also needed a tool that was ergonomic and safe for the employees to use.

The Solution

As a company who has specialized experience in electronics recycling and shredding, Converge Engineering, was able to design and build a jig solution that fit the customer’s needs and was portable. The pneumatic crusher allowed the company the flexibility to move the crushing station wherever needed.

The crusher uses a steel blade to split the speakers in half with just the push of a button. The speaker crusher completely drastically reduces the manual labor required to pull batteries. The crusher jig comes complete with guarding around all moving parts so it is completely safe. A special switch removes any air pressure and renders the tool safe when the door is opened. There are no electrical needs to operate the jig – only compressed air is needed.

The Benefit

The recycler found this to be an effective solution because

  • The operation of the crusher is simple, straight-forward, and safe.
  • The company was able to recover labor costs and meet quota for speaker recycling.