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Misting Systems

  • MIST 1/1

For dust control, sometimes a large dust collector is not practical and another approach such as high pressure water misting is needed. At Converge Engineering, we have extensive experience developing custom turnkey misting solutions to cover large hoppers, pick lines, shredders, and other material conveyance process points.

How does misting work? Filtered water is pressurized to 1,000 – 3,000 PSI and forced through fine aperture nozzles to produce water droplets of approximately 10 – 30 microns or smaller. These fine droplets attract fugitive dust particles and weigh them down for faster settling. The small nature of the water droplet allows for faster evaporation times which minimizes moisture collection on the conveyor or base materials being controlled. A higher system pressure supply produces a smaller droplet size.

Water filtration is a key element to a well-run misting system. Converge Engineering typically uses several filters in series down to 5 and 10 microns. A UV filter is also used to prevent any biologicals from entering the produced mist. In applications where high rust or particles are present in the water supply, an additional pre-filter can be installed.

Our base system MIST-1/1 uses a 1GPM 1,000 PSI base pump and can supply up to 5 emitters. A simple 110V control systems is provided with 2 modes of operation: manual and auto. Manual keeps the unit on continuously. Auto mode uses a photo electric switch to detect movement such as a loader bucket or box dumper. Upon detection, the mist pump will operate for a duration that can be adjusted by the user.

Our larger plant and industrial system MIST – 12/3 can produce up to  12GPM and 3,000 PSI and supply a large array of emitters depending on nozzle and length of run. To add efficiency, these systems use variable frequency drives (VFDs) to run the pump at optimal rate for the load needed. Pressure of delivered and supplied water is monitored by a PLC to ensure proper operation. This base system can supply multiple solenoid valves to create zones that can be switched on and off by demand or by manual means.

A wide variety of nozzles are offered to deliver the right level of mist including special “no drip” models. Stainless tubing can also be provided for large mist bar delivery systems.

For applications where portability is needed and water supply is not constant, our pMIST skid mounted complete misting units can solve the problem. A large easy to replace 330 gallon IBC water tote is used to supply system water which can be refilled periodically by staff. Custom tanks are also available. Stand alone and integrated UL controls can be provided.


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