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Mini – E-Waste Shredder and Separation Line

The Challenge

In the electronic recycling industry, the shredded particle size is a key element for effective sorting and separation of non-ferrous and precious metals from electronic scrap. A relatively small particle size is needed to ensure materials are well liberated to produce clean commodities. Often, it is challenging to justify the amount of capital for a large 4-shaft shredder and downstream. Twin shaft shredders are affordable and widely available new/used and are an option for the plant that is not ready or scaled for a larger shred line.  The twin shaft shredder by itself does have an inherent issue of producing long unliberated strips since there is not a sizing screen or recirculation system built in as a 4-shaft shredder would have. To overcome this, a separate sizing screen is added downstream from the shredder to enable oversized product to be automatically conveyed back into the shredder for another pass.

The Need

A large electronics recycler had a smaller facility that needed an intermediate level of shredding and separation. To fit within their budget, used equipment from their own inventory was used for most of the build including; 100HP Shred-Tech electric drive twin shaft shredder, Steinert eddy current, Kinergy screener, Master-Magnets over-band magnet, Donaldson Unimaster dust collector, and several conveyors. Some of the equipment in their inventory needed refurbishment.

The Solution

As a company who has deep experience in electronic shredding and recovery, Converge Engineering was able to design and build a solution that fit the customer’s needs to re-use their surplus equipment.

Converge Engineering was able to design a new layout that recirculated the material stream to the twin shaft shredder prior to screening, magnetic, and eddy current separation. The recirculation was effective at producing the correct shred size for ideal commodity recovery. The client needed the highest level of dust collection performance and many conveyors had removable covers added to enable proper ventilation. A unified UL508 control panel was designed and fabricated to control all equipment. This project was delivered turn-key.

The Benefit

  • The company fit the new shred line within their smaller facility and budget
  • Used equipment is now producing
  • This design achieves the right particle size to maximize the non-ferrous and precious metals recovery
  • The external screen can be changed to other sizes easily for special runs