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Metals and ASR


Our experience and operational understanding of how metals recycling plants function allows Converge Engineering to develop right sized solutions to enable high recovery and uptime and fit the budget. Not long ago, shredder residue was sent to landfill after running through magnetic and eddy current separation steps. Today, technology and commodity prices make recovery of smaller / fines fractions of Zorba, Zurik, ICW, and micro-copper a reality and within reach. Many of our client’s know their material well and what they want to do for recovery – we welcome that opportunity and enjoy helping operations bring their innovative ideas to reality with our advanced 3D CAD tools and team.

Add on separation

Many plants have a good solid material recovery plant already in operation and cannot take the hit in downtime for a construction project. We have experience in this exact scenario and have developed add on platforms and buildings that can be installed without major interruptions. Existing plant motor controls and PLC’s can often times be added onto rather than replaced. Or, new PLC’s and panels can be connected via Ethernet to existing equipment making the system operate as one and be fully integrated.  We have multiple longstanding relationships with the leading sensor sorter, magnetic, and screening equipment companies and will recommend the best system performing value for the exact application.

Full plants

Starting from scratch? We can help our clients develop their vision and design turn-key plants that maximize recovery across size fractions, meet safety performance, and will last. Based on the supplied TPH target, we can determine ideal screen fraction sizes, layout the equipment to minimize linear feet of conveyors, select the best separators and their flowchart position, and route outputs to minimize long term vehicle travel in the yard. Whether a small or large plant is needed, Converge Engineering provides complete solutions designed from the operator’s point of view.


  • Shredding, screening
  • Magnetic, Eddy Current, Sensor separation
  • Conveyors matched to duty and throughput
  • Chutes, slides and pans to minimize spillage
  • Maintenance access designed in
  • Ventilation, fire, and dust explosion mitigation
  • Integrated easy to use operator controls
  • Separation equipment selection and layout to meet quality goals
  • A system not overbuilt and well matched for cost vs. performance
  • Good working relationships with plant personnel

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