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E-Waste Recycling / WEEE

Why Shred?

For most E-waste / WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) plants, shredding is viewed favorably by customers whether just for shredding hard drives or for larger volumes of mixed scrap. Some customers may be willing to pay extra to witness the destruction of their materials and receive a certificate of destruction. For other operations, shredding is primarily for value recovery of scrap which can require multiple shredders depending on the amount and complexity of the downstream separation equipment. There is not one “correct” way to shred but there is a correct fit for your exact application and we can provide that complete solution.

Shredding Solutions

Understanding the types of shredders available and criteria for evaluating the best choice is a good practice before making such a large purchase on probably one of the most expensive machines in a recycling plant. Our team has built numerous small and large scale e-scrap / WEEE shredding plants over 18 years and can offer the ideal shredder to meet your processing goals including particle size, throughput, and uptime. Our team works with multiple manufacturers we have extensive experience with and present the best option for your exact application and conditions.

Downstream Separation

Any downstream separation systems should be engineered to fit the shredder throughput and particle size. It is important to understand the efficiency curve of each machine vs throughput and undertake trials of representative material before purchasing the equipment. A typical downstream plant includes a fines screening step, magnetic separation of ferrous metals, eddy current non-ferrous separation, further screening, and an optional metal or color sensor air-jet separator. More advanced lines include multiple optical/metal/NIR/X-ray sensor based sorter air-jets to further enhance quality of commodity streams. A fine balance point exists with shredder particle size, volume and the performance of separation. Using our deep experience building these systems, we offer an ideal combination to maximize your return on investment.


We offer both integrated complete solutions built from an operator’s point of view or offer tactical services such as electrical controls or conceptual design. A complete solution covers all areas to make sure the plant has everything to run successfully such as:

  • Ideal shredder
  • Conveyors matched to duty and throughput
  • Chutes, slides and pans to minimize spillage
  • Maintenance access designed in
  • Ventilation, fire, and dust explosion mitigation
  • Integrated easy to use operator controls
  • Separation equipment selection and layout to meet quality goals
  • A system not overbuilt and well matched for cost vs. performance
  • Tools to help our clients develop their vision

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