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My Plant Drawings are Inaccurate

This is a common problem with processing and recycling facilities today! Often times there are countless updates or improvements that don’t always go as planned when installed and “as built” drawings are sometimes not done or inaccurate. Future projects may be susceptible to mechanical interferences and costly contractor change orders due to these drawings being off.

Converge Engineering has the ultimate tool and technology to help you overcome this problem and can update your plant to show every detail by utilizing 3D laser scanning and point cloud technology. This surveying tool will take millions of points of every surface of your plant and reconstruct them in software where you can then visualize and measure your facility virtually. From there extra steps can be taken to duplicate this information into 3D CAD software for your use.

Our team can also assist in converting any 2D drawings to 3D as well. Taking advantage of the latest 3D software packages can greatly expedite manufacturing and minimize design errors, but many companies are hesitant to make that transition because current layouts are in 2D. Converge Engineering can help you transition your drawings from 2D to 3D with ease. We have highly qualified mechanical designers that will work with you to develop your model from whatever state your drawings are currently in. They will provide their critical approach and ensure your drawings or designs are replicated to the highest level of accuracy.

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