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I Need to Integrate Equipment

So you found a great deal on that piece of equipment, now what? Converge Engineering can help you integrate new or used machines into your current process.

The diverse skillsets of Converge Engineering can help you plan and design the equipment into your current system, design-build any needed supports or transition components, and seamlessly integrate the controls to your existing system. Our panel building shop is UL508A certified to ensure safe and quality controls that will deliver excellent system performance.

Step one: Goals for the upgrade, technical requirements of equipment, foundation details, plan drawings, throughput calculations

Step two: Design equipment into new system to ensure fit and functionality, evaluate any mechanical interference (optional PointCloud scan), design build any needed transitions, supports, and guarding

Step three: Evaluate and design control system integration. Review current schematics and develop control interface to seamlessly work with old and new. Customize the user interface based on the client’s needs

Step four: Plan the installation of the equipment

Step five: Start up, testing, training, management of change, set up remote access to control panel for continued support

Step six: Assist in organizing any safety training or documentation needed for safe operation

Call us today and we can assess your current system and determine the best approach for integration of your new equipment.

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Let us integrate your equipment seamlessly!