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I Need Help Selecting Equipment

Converge Engineering has unmatched experience working with the top metals and e-waste recycling equipment providers in selecting recycling machines. Our background comes from operating the plants we’ve designed and can evaluate your current streams and throughputs to determine the best equipment to improve your recovery and performance. If starting from scratch, we can assist in developing the recommended equipment line for optimal performance and also coordinate equipment trials on your specific product.

Size reduction equipment

We know shredders! We can help you determine the ideal level of liberation or size of reduction and help decide if shear, hammer, or granulating styles of shredding are appropriate. Depending on the commodity you would like to recover, determining the right size to produce is an important choice in balancing the level of liberation needed from the amount of shredding. For example, if you are only looking to remove bulk steel from plastic casings, a sheer shredder at 2” might do the trick. But if you are looking to recover clean non-ferrous from scrap, decreasing the shredder screen size can ensure metal screws are separated to produce clean aluminum. There are also considerations to determine if hydraulic or electric drive is right for these machines. Converge Engineering can help walk you through all these considerations to ensure you end up with the best shredder ideally configured.

Downstream separation equipment

Overband magnets, drum magnets, eddy currents, screeners. Each piece of separation equipment and its location in the lineup is carefully considered for recovery and throughput. It is critical for this equipment to be properly sized to ensure recovery efficiency does not drop as throughput increases. We are able to supply or recommend equipment. We have real world experience with these types of equipment and know what will do the job in your specific application.

Sensor sorting equipment

As a technically developing arena, sensor machines and their manufacturers change on a yearly basis. Converge Engineering regularly tests these products and has detailed understanding of their performance versus price points. We also evaluate machine long term support and spare parts availability to only recommend equipment we know you will be able to obtain proper long term support. Common sorting technologies include induction sorting, combined sensor sorting, near Infrared sorting, color sorting, X-ray sorting, and X-ray fluorescence sorting. These can be difficult pieces of equipment to pick out, but we can navigate you to the right decision.

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