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I Need Help Improving Plant Safety

Besides being the right thing to do, keeping employees safe is good business. An injury, accident, or regulator’s fine can be costly and disruptive to an operation. Converge Engineering has extensive operational experience in machinery safety can help you assess the potential risks of your facility. We can work within your budget and prioritize various problem areas to help you schedule safety improvements over time. We understand transitioning to a zero-harm workplace does not happen overnight. Allowing us to assess your areas of risk and provide sound recommendations and solutions will help you reduce employee injury risk, audit performance, and mitigate costly fines. There are several key areas Converge Engineering can help in improving plant safety:

Electrical Control Measures

Can employees shut off your equipment as fast as they need to if they see someone is caught up in a conveyor? Implementing a robust emergency stop circuit and system can drastically reduce the risk of injury or even death by allowing workers to shut off a system quickly if danger occurs. Having proper and sufficient pull cords and shutoff switches are step one and not a large expense to add. We can also take a deeper dive and ensure the e-stop relays are true safety rated and fail to safe conditions.

Do you have an OSHA defined confined space within your facility? We also can help implement captive-key and anti-tamper magnetic interlocks to supplement safe status when employees are in a hazardous place or need to open hatches to enter confined or dangerous spaces. Converge Engineering can help you locate and integrate the addition of e-stops, interlocks, captive-key circuits and help you amend electrical schematics and systems seamlessly.

Dust Collector and Fire Safety

Spark protection can provide a great proactive defense against fires within a dust collection process. Converge Engineering can help you select, install, and electrically integrate spark detection systems with IR detectors that work to control high pressure specialized sprinkler systems that extinguish embers or sparks while still in ducting before they reach dust collectors. These systems can be tied into the overall process controls to provide feedback to the operator that the system has identified a thermal event and stopped the line as needed. Not only does this proven preventative technique reduce fires and explosions from happening in dust collectors, it is cheap insurance from injury and business interruption.

Specialized flame and heat sensors are available to add to monitor any process for heat buildup or flame. Control systems can then take quick action and shut off processing and deliver water or foam to cool any trouble found.

Machine Guarding and Access

With the many moving components of a processing plant, addressing pinch point safety is compulsory to prevent entanglement and other serious injury. Our design experience can provide a budget friendly retrofit ready solution that keeps maintenance in mind. Manufacturing guarding from the point of view of the operator or maintenance tech is what sets Converge Engineering apart from consultants or others who offer safety services.

We can also design, provide, and improve mezzanines, catwalks, and better access solutions and routes for maintenance staff to use to safely access equipment. Ladders and lifts can sometimes lead to accidents. Frequently accessed areas are good candidates to invest in long term employee accessibility solutions.

Thermal Evaluation of Electrical Systems

Using thermography to find trouble spots and loose connections within your existing control or breaker panels can minimize future downtime, prevent damage to critical components, and supplement a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Our staff uses a specialized IR camera that detects hot spots to help diagnose problem areas. Besides identifying these trouble areas, our electrical staff will offer possible reasons or suggestions to remedy the issues found.

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