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Bulk Handling E-Waste Shred Line

The Challenge

The electronics recycling industry always shifts in new directions just as the products it handles change in their nature and value. Most electronic recycling companies receive boxes, crates, or bulk sacks of electronic materials. This inbound material is dismantled or shredded and separated into different commodities. In some cases, the volume of processing electronics is restricted by the capacity of the shredder and associated bottlenecks. Bin dumpers are commonly used to feed into these shredder and commodity recovery lines, but do have a volume limit. Shifting to bulk storage and handling is one way to improve capacities and efficiency for large volume applications. One of the largest U.S. electronics recyclers needed more capacity and looked to replace their shredders and keep their existing downstream separation process. They also needed to apply bulk handling infrastructure to the new shredders to reduce handling labor and improve plant capacity.

The Solution

As a company who has deep experience in electronics shredding and recovery, Converge Engineering was able to design and build a solution that fit the customer’s needs.

Converge Engineering developed a new layout that included an SSI Primax pre-shredder and an SSI Q140 4-shaft shredder to nearly double plant capacity. A 3D layout was developed which included bulk bunker storage and a conveyor approach to minimize vehicle traffic and handling. Electrical controls were integrated to accept the previous downstream sorting plant and allow the whole line to be controlled from any of the 5 operator station touchscreen panels. Once the design phase was completed, Converge Engineering fabricators manufactured the platforms, conveyors, chutes, and transition pieces to connect the new line together and minimize spillage. Dust control best practices were also applied including adding high pressure misting systems to cover the large surface areas of the material holding bunkers.

Converge engineers managed the overall installation of this new process line including the millwrights, electricians, sub-contractors, and crane operators. The project was a complete turn-key to the client.

The Benefit

  • The company was able to achieve the desired throughput with the new system
  • The plant now handles material in bulk instead of boxes/sacks
  • Storage capacity is increased
  • Labor expended per ton is greatly reduced