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Circuit Board Color Sorter Retrofit

The Challenge In the electronic recycling industry, manual laborers are often used to separate certain commodities in sorting line applications. One common area that uses this approach is separating Circuit Boards and Copper from the Eddy Current throws which is mostly aluminum in content. Whether copper, aluminum, or circuit board […]

Autonomous Shredder Feeding

The Challenge Separating metals and plastics from shredded electronics ideally requires the upstream process to send a constant flow to the separation plant. Depending on how the shredder is fed and run, surges of material can make their way downstream causing poor quality. If the shredder is overfed, jams can […]

Bulk Handling E-Waste Shred Line

The Challenge The electronics recycling industry always shifts in new directions just as the products it handles change in their nature and value. Most electronic recycling companies receive boxes, crates, or bulk sacks of electronic materials. This inbound material is dismantled or shredded and separated into different commodities. In some […]

Conveyor Safety: Pinch Point Guarding Solutions

The Challenge In the metals recycling industry, long and often wide conveyors are used to transfer material downstream from shredders to separation equipment. These conveyors can in fact be as long as 100’. An established west coast metals yard needed belly pans fabricated and installed on several older c-channel style […]

Shredder Rebuilds and Cutter Changes

The Challenge The lifetime of shredder wear parts depends on multiple factors including how often the machine is used and the type material being shredded. Processing abrasive products will prematurely wear cutters if alloys used are not resilient. Eventually the cutters, spacers, gears, screens, and bearings will need to be […]