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E-Waste Shred Line Explosion Protection Project

The Challenge A large E-scrap recycling plant with a 500HP shredder needed to upgrade the explosion protection equipment on the ventilation system. In order to comply with current OSHA and NFPA regulations it is required that any industrial processing facility handling combustible dust be protected properly from explosion including the […]

Mini – E-Waste Shredder and Separation Line

The Challenge In the electronic recycling industry, the shredded particle size is a key element for effective sorting and separation of non-ferrous and precious metals from electronic scrap. A relatively small particle size is needed to ensure materials are well liberated to produce clean commodities. Often, it is challenging to […]

Challenging Layout: ASR Wire Recovery Upgrade

The Challenge In the metal recycling industry, the efficiency in recovering metals is critical to success, especially for copper and non-ferrous metals. A particular plant lacked copper wire recovery means from the dirty non-ferrous (DNF) stream. Additional sorting equipment cells were needed such as high resolution metal sensor sorters, air […]

Telestacker Controls Integration

The Challenge A large metals yard shredder that used a radial stacker for the ferrous output needed a telestacker to enable less material handling and pile management. The telestacker conveyor is able to automatically adjust in height, length, and pivot to create a larger pile of ferrous output without the […]

Tablet Jig

The Challenge Used tablets are sent to an ITAD services company to be refurbished and re-sold. There are times where the devices are marked with the previous owner’s logo/brand or blemished. In order for the device to be re-sold, the complete removal of the company logo/brand or scuffed areas is […]

Portable Speaker Crusher

The Challenge A large speaker manufacturer was sending large volumes of portable speaker system containing several lithium batteries to a recycler for processing. The recycler needed an efficient way for their team to open the speaker and remove the batteries prior to shredding. These speakers sent to the company to […]