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With over 50 belts in stock Converge Engineering supplies conveyor belting for a wide variety of applications including waste and recycling, mining and quarry, aggregates, and milling processes. We supply the highest quality of belting products from our distributor and can provide belting for light duty specific applications to heavy-duty high performance conveyance.



Lightweight – Thermoplastic belts are ideal for waste and recycling industries because of their abrasive resistant polyurethane cover. These belts can be seamlessly vulcanized for magnetic separators such as eddy currents and belt magnets. PVC belting also available for light duty applications.

Heavy duty – We offer more than 50 types of the heavy-duty black rubber belting which can provide adequate abrasion resistance and flex life. Our belts can provide oil and high heat resistance as well as flame resistant compounds.

Straight Warp – Consisting of a specially designed single-ply carcass construction, this style is the superior belt for the toughest applications. Low-stretch, impact-resistant, high-strength while resisting tears and gouging. Ideal for scrap metal recycling, mining applications, magnetic separators, bucket elevators, discharge from primary crushers.

• Magnetic separator belts with stainless steel lacing
• Rubber with hot vulcanized cleats
• Eddy current separator belts with vulcanized polyurethane corrugated sidewalls
• Urethane separator belts for tough abrasion resistant applications
• Armor-clad separator belts with stainless steel plates for long running harsh environments

Common Cleated Belt Profiles:
• PVC-200 black crescent top
• Hot vulacanized “beefy” cleats
• Cleat-top
• Mini Cleat-top
• Multi-chev
• Chevron

Cover Compounds:
• Standard – high tensile strength with abrasion and cut resistance, long life at economical cost
• Grade 1 – Premium cut and gouge resistance. Glass, rock, sharp metals, and granite applications
• MOR – Moderate oil resistance for light oil exposure
• Flame Resistant – Ideal for fire resistant applications such as power plants and grain
• Super oil resistant – Special compound for fats and petroleum oils
• Hot asphalt – applications where both oil and heat are present
• High heat resistance – Cover protection from lump material up to 400ºF
• Premium heat resistant – Cover protection from lump material up to 700 ºF

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