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Telestacker Controls Integration

The Challenge

A large metals yard shredder that used a radial stacker for the ferrous output needed a telestacker to enable less material handling and pile management. The telestacker conveyor is able to automatically adjust in height, length, and pivot to create a larger pile of ferrous output without the help of a bulldozer. To meet yard demand, the shredder must be operating daily with minimum downtime. In addition, a steel dual pick line had been purchased years before and needed to be integrated into the project to enable improved copper recovery. Project downtime needed to be at a minimum and after hours and weekend work would be required in addition to a well-planned build. The yard purchased the telestacker but needed assistance in integrating the motor controls and modifying the PLC program to cover the new equipment. The customer also needed mechanical expertise in incorporating the telestacker with their existing shredding line.

The Solution

As a company who has extensive experience in recycling and material handling, Converge Engineering was able to design and provide a solution that fit the customer’s needs.

The Converge Engineering electrical team designed a solution to integrate the telestacker and pick line conveyors with the site’s existing motor control center and PLC. New MCC buckets for example were purchased and used in spare sections to reduce project costs rather than providing new control panels. This allowed the operator to control the Telestacker from the main control base instead of manually operating in field. Converge Engineering project engineers were able to obtain accurate CAD drawings from on-site 3D scanning which allowed the drafting team to design new support structures, diverters, and chutes to accommodate the telestacker conveyor and pick line with the existing shredder process line and perfectly fit without rework.

The Result

  • The company was able to reduce the operations cost and pay for the investment by reducing bulldozer usage
  • The downtime was minimal due to careful planning and preparation.
  • Yard space is used more effectively due to the larger and taller pile enabling more processing capacity
  • Copper recovery is improved with more efficient picking
  • Rigging and removal of old stacking conveyor